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What is CNC machine tools?
announcer:Liu Shibing Release date:2016-06-28

The late 1940s, the United States began to study CNC machine tools, 1952, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) servo laboratory successfully developed the first CNC milling machine, and put into use in 1957. This is a manufacturing technology in the development of a major breakthrough, marking the start of production in the field of CNC machining times. NC is the foundation of modern manufacturing technology, this invention for manufacturing industry, has great significance and far-reaching impact. The world's major industrial countries have attached great importance to the research and development of CNC machining technology. China in 1958 started to develop CNC machine tools, a successful trial with sub-pipe CNC system CNC machine tools, production began in 1965 with a three-coordinate CNC milling transistor CNC system. After decades of development, CNC machine tools and computer control has been achieved in the industry has been widely used application in the mold manufacturing industry is particularly popular.

    Demand for turning, milling, grinding, drilling and other metal cutting planing processing technology and electrical processing, laser processing and other special processing technology, the development of the various categories of CNC machine tools. A wide range of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools will generally be divided into 16 categories:

1 CNC lathe (milling containing functional turning centers)

2 CNC milling machine (including milling centers)

3 bed CNC Keng

4 milling process to cut the main processing center.

5 CNC grinding machines (including grinding center)

6 CNC Drilling (including drilling center)

7 CNC broaching

8 CNC planer

9 CNC cutting machine

10 CNC gear cutting machine

11 CNC laser processing machine


13 CNC EDM machine tools (including electrical processing center)

14 CNC sheet molding machines village

15 CNC pipe metal forming machine tools

16 other CNC machine tools

    Mold manufacturing conventional NC machine tools: CNC milling machines, CNC EDM machine, CNC WEDM, CNC grinding and CNC lathes.

    CNC machine tool usually consists of control system, servo systems, detection systems, mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems.

    Control system for a CNC machine tool operation, management and control of data obtained through the input medium, and interpretation of these data and calculation tools have an effect; servo control system according to the instructions of the drive machine, the tool and the provisions of Parts NC code execution motion; detection system is used to detect the machine to perform pieces (table, turntable, skateboards, etc.) of displacement and velocity variation, and test results back to the input, and the input comparison instructions, adjust the machine movement based on the difference ; driveline machine is servo-driven feed mechanical feed gearing between the actuator element to the machine tool; a wide range of auxiliary systems, such as: canned cycle (can be repeated various machining), automatic tool changer (exchangeable indicated tool), the gap error compensation mechanical transmission gear backlash compensation generated) and the like.

    NC machining, CNC milling machining of the most complex, most problems to be solved. In addition to CNC machining CNC milling CNC wire cutting, CNC EDM, CNC turning, CNC grinding CNC programming has its own characteristics, this book will focus on instructive NC programming on CNC milling programming.

    The role of the servo system is a pulse signal from the CNC device, converted into motion machine moving parts.

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